Easter at BBC

Will you join us at BBC for Easter this year?
Join us during the Easter season as we honor Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and celebrate his resurrection. We've got exciting worship services planned on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, so we hope there's a time that fits everyone's schedule.
Will this be your first time at BBC?
Check out our What to Expect page to learn where to park and where to go when you arrive! And if you have kids, check out the information on our Children's programs and check-in. We want you to feel welcome, so please ask any member for help if you're unsure where to go.
Learn more about our Lent and Easter Sermon Series
On Sunday mornings from March 10th to April 21st at 8:30, 10:00, and 11:15 AM Pastor Tommy McDearis will preach on the Last Words of Christ. Jesus wasn't silent on the cross. He had more to say… things that had to be said… things that would change the world. During Lent and Easter, we will look at the people who heard the words and how their interactions with Jesus changed them… forever!
And join us Wednesday evenings from March 6th to April 10th at 6:15 PM as Pastor Todd Millsaps teaches us about Simon Peter. Simon Peter was an imperfect man who was chosen by Jesus to move the message of Jesus from Jerusalem to the world. What can we learn from this man that can empower us to be stronger and better workers for God?