At Blacksburg Baptist Church, we offer a variety of Life Groups for adults on Sunday Mornings, Sunday Evenings, and Weekdays. Please arrive at the classroom at the specified time to participate.
Sunday Morning Life Groups
AsOne Reid Nicholson
218 For couples learning to be citizens of the kingdom
Crossings Allen Campbell
216 For couples crossing into families and careers
Generations Scott King
222 For singles and couples of all ages focusing on growing deeper in faith
Koinonea Leigh Sutherland
214 For middle-aged adults focusing on the facilitating of spiritual growth
Faithful Adults Mike and Cynthia Denbow
221 For those ages 35 interested in studying the Bible and bringing relevancy to daily lifeĀ 
Baranbas Deanie Heath and Larry Taylor
211 For adults, single or married, of all ages with a focus on living the Christian life in the 21st century
Christian Discussion Jim Marchman 220 For senior adults who wish to examine important secular and religious topics in the context of Christian faith
Fidelis Joe Cowles and Cecil McBride
215 For senior adults who want to review the Bible and discuss its content
Joy Lida McKinney and Martha Ann Stallings
102 For senior adult women, both single and married, who study the Bible and participate in group discussions
Sunday Night Life Groups

University of Christian Discipleship (Fall, Winter, & Spring Semesters): Adults of all ages gathering in friendship and Bible study. UCD sessions are advertised in advance and generally run 8-10 weeks in length.

Weekday Life Groups

Young at Heart
English as a Second Language Class
Reading and Praying Purposefully Book Club
Fishers of Men
Chinese Bible Study
Senior Adult Bible Study