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Where your kids can grow in God!

8:30AM - 12:15PM Child care

Child care provided for infants through toddler.

9:45AM Life Groups

Sundays at 9:45AM, children are combined in an all ages class where they’ll worship and learn “Verses for Life!” – important Scripture for living with God’s wisdom and power.

11:15AM Service

Kidz Time provides a kid-friendly space for your child to experience meaningful worship and prepares them to join the larger worship services as they get older.

With classes for toddlers through 5th grade, BBC Kids participate in a fun lesson geared to expand their trust and understanding of God in their everyday lives.

Learn more about what to expect for Kidz Time

Partnering with parents to teach children to:

Know God

Love God

Follow God

Why families love BBC kids

Blacksburg Baptist Church provides a wonderful environment for kids to grow in their relationship with Christ. Children of all ages are led by loving directors who truly invest in the spiritual path of each child.  Sunday School classes provide kids the opportunity to learn Bible based instruction, with fun crafts and games to solidify their knowledge and to enhance relationships with other children.

Our children are eager for Sunday mornings, because of the fun Bible study activities, genuine relationships, and love they receive at Blacksburg Baptist Church.

~ Shelbylynn, Parent

Answers to your questions

Are my kids safe?

Yes! Our parent-child check-in and check-out process ensures your child’s safety.  Every adult working with children has been screened with a thorough background check. 

In addition, we have security cameras in all kids hallways, and once classes have begun, the hallways are secured.  Parents can access the hall at any time with instructions clearly posted on the kids’ hallway door.

How do I check-in my kids?
    1. Head to BBC Kids Check-In, located directly outside of the sanctuary in the Welcome Center.
    2. Your child gets a sticker and the parent gets a matching ticket.
    3. Parent provides their verified ticket that is matched to their child’s sticker for pick-up.

As part of our iPad check-in process, you’ll provide some basic contact information – including any allergies or special needs we need to be aware of while your child is in our care.

What is Kidz Spot?

During the 11:15 service, your child will start off sitting with you in the service through a special Kidz Spot.

Then, as a group, they will leave the sanctuary to go upstairs to their classes for Kidz Time.

Can I take my child into the adult service?


If you would like to attend adult worship with your child, great!

Also, in case you have a little one that might get squirmy, we have a family viewing space located at the rear of the sanctuary where you can have a bit more privacy if you need it while still participating in the service!

Still have a question?

Email Tabi Mayhew, Family Life Minister

Encouragement and Support for Moms

THE place for moms to find love and support to battle the stress and overwhelm of motherhood. Serve as a mentor to help moms build strong families based upon Christian principles as they manage the many facets of their lives.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

If you are a mother and or soon-to-be mother of a young child, we know it’s exciting, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. Receive support, encouragement, and more.

Every other Tuesday from 9:30-11:45 AM

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Every Sunday at 8:30 & 11:15AM

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